BOHICA The New Trend in IT

Just in case you’re not sure.

BOHICA stands for Bend Over, Here It Comes Again.

It started with BYOD or Bring Your Own Device. A plague with far too much material online for me to feel the need to add to it with descriptions and discussions here.

In short, BYOD is defined as “Let Employees use whatever equipment they want and stop bitching. It’s IT’s job to be responsible for it even if they’re not allowed to control it, take the blame for it when it goes wrong, and clean up the mess afterwards.”

Now, the newest incarnation of this trend is “Consumerization of IT”

Since we’re partially discussing word definitions.

Consumerization: n. The act of making things suitable for Consumers.
Consumer: A person who purchases goods and services for personal use.
IT: Short for Information Technology. The Department within a Company that is responsible for managing company owned computers, networks, and other business related technology.

So, hmm. “Consumerization of IT” essentially means:

“Let’s take all this software that’s designed for Consumers, aka “personal use, toss it into a Business environment, and then make IT responsible for whatever damage this causes.”

That description is embellished a bit but it’s still very nearly the exact definition of the Consumerization of IT trend.

Our Employees want a square peg to fit into this round hole so by god we’re going to hammer it in and you guys better deal with it and clean up the mess!

And, to add to this, as IT Professionals, we’re “resistant to change” or “too controlling” or just cranky if we object to this idea and try to suggest issues with the opening of the flood gates for uncontrolled usage of software, hardware, and services designed for “Personal Use” within a Business environment.

Plus, not only are we not supposed to be “resistant to change”, we’re expected to be held accountable for the damage this trend causes, when it happens (not if), and happily clean up the mess afterwards.

The Consumerization of IT trend is being 100% pushed by companies that stand to gain huge sources of revenue from it, will have zero liability for it when it causes damage because, hey, it’s designed for personal use it’s the companies choice to use the software for an environment it wasn’t designed for, and it’s the job of the IT Department to clean up the damage.

To top this whole idea off, it’s being swallowed whole by the Enterprise/Business world as a majority like the good little Corporate Lemmings that they are.

BOHICA fellow IT Professionals and fair warning, there is no lube or rubber gloves being used this time.

First Do No Harm

I’m tired.

I’m burnt out, depressed, sick of an existence where every day it’s “Stand up, only to get knocked down again”.

Where every day it’s a struggle to not simply give up. Where I literally have nothing positive to look forward to daily. I’m tired of being in a  dead-end job that I have reached the ceiling of title, responsibility, pay, and necessary skills and I’m stuck because it does have it’s benefits, I have achieved the trust in my skills of my coworkers and it beats unemployment.

However, This blog isn’t about my petty, woe is me, whining.

My point is, I’m not an asshole. Or at least I’m a nice asshole until forced to be otherwise.

I’ll stand and face life with both middle fingers raised high, support anyone who needs it, and do my damnedest to try and always build up my environment, even as I personally am knocked down, yet again.

As such, I can’t sit idly by and watch things that truly piss me off.

I’m truly tired of how this society and industry has turned many of us into cynical, cranky, self-righteous assholes. Or trolls.

Or, even worse YouTube Commenters!

I’m sick of being in a Society, in an Industry and in Communities where the instant anyone brings up a question or discussion about any specific technology, be it Apple, Microsoft, Linux, whatever, they’re torn apart by the pseudo-religious trolls of “the opposition”.

Mindless fanatical, goose stepping sheep who treat their technology of choice like it was some sort of deity and anyone who disagrees with them needs to be chased out of town by flaming torch wielding villagers. Who feels their own personal views of “what’s right” is the ONLY way that’s right.

Where anyone new, who is just trying to learn and join an industry that they have not yet been embittered and burnt-out by, will get eaten alive like tossing a baby seal into a shark tank. Simply because they might not know everything, or get some details wrong in some subject.

I’m sick of living in a Society where anyone who has a different Gender, Race, Nationality, Belief System, Political View, Sexual Preference, Desire to be treated equal with the same benefits as “normal society, Hair Color, Body Piercings, Taste in Music, ANYTHING has to live with the concern of being condemned by anyone who so vehemently disagrees with their choices that they feel it’s their responsibility to try and change them to their own way of life.


Judge not, lest ye be Judged.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Live and Let Live.

Stop being a fucking Hypocrite.

First, Do No Harm

I’ve got news for you self-righteous assholes out there. YOU are what’s wrong with this world.
Not those people you feel you have to convert to your tiny, pathetic little way of thinking.

Do you seriously want to live in a world of drones. Where we all believe the same, look the same, act the same, use all the same technology, have all the same political beliefs? A world devoid of the marvels of differences. A drab, grey world of clones where no one and nothing is different than anything else.

I truly feel sorry for you then.

We are ALL on this rock together.

Believe in God? Fantastic.
I have news for you. Your God created those people you so despise also. Get off your pedestal and let him deal with them as he sees fit when/if the time ever comes for judgment. Don’t be a dick.

Right-Wing? Left-Wing? Awesome.
Be involved in making ‘your side’ better for the benefit of all. Stop being a narrow-minded asshole.
Left Wing, Right Wing, Same Damned Bird!

Instead of tearing others down in order to make yourself feel better because your life sucks and you’re tired, how about extending a hand in friendship, acceptance, and the shared desire to make life on this spinning ball of dirt a better place for everyone.

Challenging a Techno-Social Myth

Challenging a Techno-Social Myth

I was initially going to call this write up Challenging Einstein which would have been way more eye catching of a title.

However, Einstein never actually said the quote listed in the photo below so I would have been propagating an incorrect quote just for the sake of attracting readers if I had done so.

Since you’re currently reading this, obviously my boring title still worked anyway.


Here’s the thing, that quote was probably done by some angry old Psychologist who got bumped into on the sidewalk by some teenager doing what those girls in the picture are doing.

So he took Einstein’s actual quote, which is:

“It has become appallingly clear that our technology has surpassed our humanity. I hope that someday, our humanity might yet surpass our technology”

Then he bent the real quote to fit his own frustrations, shook his old Motorola brick phone in the air angrily, and created a new viral urban myth using Einstein to give his antiquated way of thinking some sense of credence.

I’m neither going to agree, nor disagree with Einstein’s actual quote, but I am going to argue that misquote shown in the photo. (Except for the part about idiots. That part is solid fact)

Take this photo from November 22, 1963 which has also been used in a viral campaign to argue that misquote as a partial example of my thoughts.


The argument, as shown in the first photo, is that as we advance we are spending all of our time glued to our devices and we are not being ‘social’. We are supposedly not interacting with each other anymore but only with our technology.

I disagree with that way of thinking.

I think it’s more a matter of challenging the traditional definition of “human interaction”.
I interact constantly. I guarantee every one of those girls in the photo above are chatting, texting, IM’ing, etc. with friends. They are possibly being social and interacting with people they would have never had the remotest chance of ever communicating with 50 years ago.

I have probably 100+ friends from online communities. Quite a few I’ve met in person at Microsoft’s TechEd conference but they’re still only friends that I’ll only ever meet in person when I attend that conference.

I have many more in other parts of the world that I have never, likely will never, meet in person who would actually let me sleep on their couch should I somehow find myself in their area. In every definition of the word, these people are friends.

I have many more online people that I regularly converse with who at least qualify as regular acquaintances.

In “real life”, I might have 2, maybe 3 friends.

Back in 1963 our flow of news and information was strictly one way. Those folks shown in that old photo likely never spoke a single word with each other during that commute. They also had no technological means to ‘speak’ with anyone via mobile communications. The only means of getting information they had was either by newspaper, television, or radio. One way. No “interaction” what so ever.

If anything, technology has made humanity more interactive.

I’ve chatted on Twitter, Facebook, or Google+, with  individuals who, by all accounts, are famous within their industry and I have even met in person and shared beers together. There’s no way I’d ever get a chance to meet these people in person without having talked on social media first.

So what exactly is considered “human interaction” today?

Perhaps we should be updating our way of thinking to match our advances in culture and technology.