IE is Dead. Yeah ok, in the age old analogy, lets stop kicking a dead horse by posting about it over and over again.
While I am a Microsoft person, I didn’t really use IE much but I also didn’t have anything against it. IE definitely had problems, security holes, and it’s own special mess of issues that only website developers can appreciate.
However, because I’m tired of the Browser Trolls spouting off their tired rhetoric and the derp derp “good riddance Internet Exploder, Micro$oft needs to retire too” derp derp I want to toss out some reminders to give credit where credit is due.

  • XmlHttpRequest, the basis for Ajax and what most modern web applications are built on today
  • Dynamic HTML
  • innerHTML
  • iFrame
  • The Favicon
  • contentEditable and designMode, both of which were Microsoft’s inventions and are now part of the HTML5 standard.
    IE was the first browser to use CSS.
  • Sadly, it did also introduce ActiveX but, like it or not, that’s used heavily still, for good or bad

Security exploits, anti-competitive practices, directly causing the death of Netscape (which I greatly preferred over IE at the time) aside, without IE, none of your preferred browsers that you’re busily spanking yourself over, or the web as we know it today, would even be here if it wasn’t for Internet Exploder.

And, for the myriads of comments I’m seeing from people who have already decided that whatever the Project Spartan browser turns into will be an abject failure simply on the grounds that it’s a Microsoft browser, get a life, get out of your parent’s basement, and get into another line of work that doesn’t involve acceptance of new technology simply on it’s own initial merits and making decisions based on actual facts and quantifiable conclusions.

Microsoft of 2015 is not the Micro$oft of the 80’s and 90’s and you’re an idiot if you don’t realize that and at least give whatever new technology comes a fair chance.

All things considered, I’m raising a beer in it’s memory, both good and bad.