“Let us talk of many things: Of shoes—and ships—and sealing-wax— Of cabbages—and kings— And why the sea is boiling hot— And whether pigs have wings.”.

With utmost respect to Lewis Carroll, let us talk of many things, of Trolls, and Loss, and Growing Old, Of Attitudes and Feelings, and why our Lives are Precious Things, and whether Pizza is better than Buffalo Wings.

I began my morning today, on this March 7th, 2015, the 45th Anniversary of my entering into this world with bickering with a Troll. Not a bad way to start the day considering my past as a Role-Playing Gamer. Sadly for the Troll, I am the one who wields the Banhammer and he gave me just enough experience points to level up as I put him in his place.

In both our Professional and Personal lives, in our Hobbies and in our Passions, we lose a piece of our soul if we shut out everything else around us to the exclusion of our single, myopic vision of “what’s right”.

In this particular Troll instance, the person is a Linux ‘fan’. Fan in this case is truly short for fanatic. My particular industry, Information Technology, is full of them.

Technology in general really. People who will stand in line for hours, sometimes days, for a new iWhatsit. People who take every possible opportunity to tell everyone around them how much better their favorite whatever is superior to everything else on the market. Who hate on a particular RPG, Band, Video Game, whatever and verbally abuse anyone who doesn’t agree with them.

Sad, pathetic little creatures who focus so hard on their own self-righteous thoughts and opinions that they miss the wonderful variety there is out there available to those of us who appreciate everything.

Life has far too much to give us to be so totally focused on our preferences as to only see our world in a narrow tunnel vision.

I have a friend of mine who recently, and totally unexpectedly, lost a member of his family. Myself and all of the IT Community that him and I are in immediately extended respects, condolences, and support. Why? Because we’re just that, a community.

We have each others back. Period.

Losing someone is a stark reminder of our own mortality and should give us a renewed appreciation for what we have and what we can still achieve in life. As I told this friend, I personally feel like that reminder is one final gift given to us by those we’ve lost.

They exit this world with a reminder to those who remain to truly appreciate it.

Don’t focus on your own bias to the point where you ignore all else.

Don’t throw away what, or who, you have in your life because you’ve spent so long focusing on the bad traits that you lost sight of the good ones.

Don’t be so narrow minded in your own personal views of what it right as to discriminate against people who live their lives, and loves, in a manner you don’t agree with.

Live and Let Live and in all things, do no harm.

Oh, except for that whole Pizza thing. Sorry, if you think Buffalo Wings are better, you’re wrong.