What the hell has happened to us

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Where have we gone?
Where have we drifted to as a species?

When we can have a flagrantly immoral, publicity seeking whore throw the entire Women’s Rights movement and Battle for Equality and Respect back to the Dark Ages with one single nauseating photo and gain more attention than the technological achievement of landing a box the size of a van, launched a decade ago, onto an asteroid 3 million miles away.

When we even have such a thing as a “Women’s Rights movement” in the first place. By what possible justification should they need to fight for equality and respect? Why is that even a thing!

When we can have societies who put their daughters to death because they become victims to some human garbage animal who rapes them. All supposedly because they have brought shame to the family. All in the name of some religion.
What about the shame of not giving your own child the support and love they desperately needed when they needed it the most?

When we can pay corrupt Politicians and Corporate Executives millions of dollars while there are homeless Veterans living in alleys who sacrificed everything they had in life for a country they loved and thought would support them.

When we can pay some talented athlete millions of dollars to throw a ball for a few months out of the year while there’s some single mother working 3 jobs just so she can barely scrape by and provide for her children.

When we can have a 9 year old girl accidentally kill a shooting instructor with an Uzi and then we rail about how it’s our “Constitutional Right” to own firearms and we verbally abuse anyone who so much as mentions the possibility of better gun controls.
Seriously?! A fucking machine gun?
A 9 year old girl who now has to live for the rest of her life knowing she killed someone and live with that image.

Fuck you and your “rights of gun ownership”. You know damned well that isn’t what the Founding Fathers meant or what this country was built on.

When we can proudly say that this country was based on things like Freedom of Religion and Equality while at the same time persecuting anyone with different religious beliefs or sexuality than ourselves.
How about you stop waving that precious Bible of yours in other people’s faces and actually read the damned thing you fucking hypocrites.

When we can work 40 hours a week while at the same time seeing the same obviously perfectly healthy person begging for spare change every single day.
Or knowing of people who collect unemployment, welfare, food stamps, and child support while living in low income housing and buying expensive TVs and driving luxury cars.

How about you parasites get a damned job instead of stealing that subsidized support from people who actually legitimately need it.

When we can have charities struggling for finances to help rebuild countries ravaged by natural disaster that we feel we ‘don’t have the money to support‘ while we walk into Starbucks for our daily $5 latte.
I hope your coffee tastes like battery acid.

When we can idolize celebrities and then actively support, and/or ogle, the theft of female celebrities most personal photographs. Then we justify it by saying they deserve it because they’re celebrities? Seriously?
When we can give stricter penalties and sentencing to someone who illegally downloads music or movies than we do to Drug Dealers and Rapists.
When we can have political parties who care more for making the ‘other side’ look bad than they do about improving life for everyone. Then when any decisions are attempted by either side it is immediately opposed by the opposite party all because it is ‘the other side.’
You know what you need in order to even have sides? A whole! Right-wing, Left-wing, Same Goddamned Bird!
How about you morons stop spending so much time throwing mud at each other and actually work together for benefit of everyone?
When we can actively pollute, throw our trash on the ground, waste food, waste resources, hunt animals to extinction because some part of them has monetary value. All doing damage to the only damned planet we have. Actively helping to hasten our own demise. What the hell?! I can’t even form words enough to voice my disgust.

When we can have teenagers bullying others to such a horrible extent that the victim takes their own life, or they mentally snap and kill others in shooting rampages. Then we can say things like bullying should have encouraged them to toughen up.
You know what? Just fuck you.

When we can reach such a desperate point in our lives where we might not actually consider suicide but if we were ever in a fatal accident our last dying thought would be “Thank you” and we don’t even know what we did to reach that point. Let alone have any idea how to get out of it.

What the hell has happened to us?
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