Breakfast, The Sexiest Meal of the Day!

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Ok, this happened to me on a Trimet bus a couple years ago but it’s a good example of the ‘interesting’ people who ride buses.

Here I am, sitting on a 3-seat bench seat on the bus, listening to my mp3 player.

There’s one empty seat between me and another guy who’s listening to his music too.

Suddenly, totally ‘out of the blue’ the guy scoots over and taps me on the shoulder. I pull out a earphone and say ‘Yes?’.

He leans in real close and whispers in my ear:

“I’ve never told anyone this before, but Maple Syrup gives me an erection.”

Needless to say, I got up and moved to a different seat.

To this day I think I think I should’ve told him “There’s a sale on Mrs. Butterworths at Safeway”.

Mike Rigsby

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