Corporate Inbreeding

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Ok, let me get this straight. Maybe someone can help clear up my confusion.

At least here in the Pacific NW, Starbucks and McDonalds are saying they are competing with each other.

Why you ask? Starbucks is selling food, including breakfast sandwiches.

McDonalds is selling high quality coffee, made by Seattle’s Best, which is advertised as Starbucks’ main competitor to the general public.

You’ll never guess who the parent company of Seattle’s Best is……c’mon, try. I just mentioned them above and it’s not McDs.

Here’s a clue, rhymes with ‘Cars & Trucks.’

Oh wait! They’re all competitors! That’s right, silly me.

Today I read that Yahoo is now the default Search Engine in Ubuntu.

Ubuntu is a Linux distribution, for those who don’t know.

Oh, by the way, did you know that Yahoo is in a limited partnership with Microsoft?

Microsoft, you know. The guys who make Windows, that hated competitor to Linux?

Oh, did you also know that Bing is becoming the default Search Engine on the iPhone?

You know, the Apple iPhone? Bing is Microsoft’s new Search Engine.

Oh wait, Apple and Microsoft are also hated competitors.

O_o ??!!!! …… My head hurts.

Mike Rigsby – from Blackberry

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