You’re a mean jerk for not Following me back!

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Quite possibly true, but not because I don’t automatically Follow back everyone who Follows me on Twitter.

Here’s the deal:

Twitter is a micro-blog/news/info feed system where an individual person can Follow people or businesses that they support or find interesting.

What it IS NOT is a Contest. You should not be out to get as many Followers as possible or get on as many Lists as possible.

If someone Follows me I am highly appreciative and flattered, believe me.

However, whom I choose to Follow back is based on the same reasons you Followed me.

I Follow people or businesses who I find interesting, or who engage me in regular conversations.

Just because someone you find to be interesting doesn’t ‘return the favor’ its not personal.

If you take it personally if someone does not Follow you back then you will be disappointed a lot on Twitter. Harsh, but true.

If I do not Follow you back and you feel I should, tell me.

Let me know that you want to have conversations and you would like me to Follow in return.

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4 Responses to You’re a mean jerk for not Following me back!

  1. skip b says:

    WELL SAID MIKE!!! (Wish I said it first).

  2. Arteekay says:

    Not following back is fine, reporting a user as spam and blocking them for following you is not.

    I read a tweet of yours retweeted last night by another common account we both follow, figured you might be interesting and decided to follow you.

    Woke up this morning to you and Strykerdlh calling me a “stupid spambot”. Not cool bro.

    • Mike Rigsby says:

      Ah, dude. Totally Sorry. You came across as a spambot when I checked your timeline and saw only one single Tweet per day and very few @’s. I honestly appologize and will immediately send an update to @spam and tell them I made a mistake.

      • Arteekay says:


        Wow, I’m totally impressed. Thank you.

        Count another full time follower.

        Really, it’s my fault for not tweeting more. I’ll get on it. 😉

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