I’m angry as hell and I’m finally going to say why Part 2

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Now let me get one thing perfectly straight. I DO NOT SUPPORT OCCUPY WALLSTREET!

I support people finally having the courage to break the rules that govern this corrupt society to courageously try and wake up a global society that just stopped caring.

I support my local Occupy Portland people because most of them are sick of this crap also and many know exactly what’s broken. The problem is they don’t know how to fix it. But, honestly, neither does anyone else.

Trying to shut down Wall Street because it has spiraled into a corrupt money making machine for the power hungry, greedy “1%”, while absolutely true, is like punishing a handgun that gets used to kill someone.

Wall Street is a tool. In fact it’s an extraordinary tool. It’s the tool that has made this country successful. However, it’s a tool that has gotten abused and used for evil purposes for so long that now everyone is blaming the tool instead of it’s users who are using it for evil purposes.

“Punishing” Wall Street by pulling all your money out of Banks and putting it into Credit Unions, while better, is still essentially like taking the money out of someone’s wallet and putting it into their pocket.

You want to rebuild this global economy and society for the betterment of EVERYONE?

Take your money, AND SPEND IT!

Spend it on the local struggling farmers trying to raise food for their fellow man.

Spend it on the local Manufacturing company that has the courage to keep their labor in your country instead of sending it all to a lower bidder in another country.

Spend it on your neighbor’s Garage Sale.

Spend it at your local bar.

You want to punish the “1%”, don’t protest Wall Street……… USE IT!

Use the tool that is Wall Street for the original purpose it was intended, to build up our economy.

Buy stocks in your LOCAL companies, buy commodities made by your LOCAL industries.

While Wall Street is a US institution it has global reach and this concept fully applies equally to every country.

The problem with the wealthy “1%” is not that they have vast wealth. It’s that the don’t use it! Money, that sits and does nothing but build up more money, is ludicrous and does absolutely no one any good, including those with all the money.

The problem with the corrupt Banks, Politicians and greedy Wealthy is not that they are 1% who control more wealth and power than the rest of the 99%.

The problem is that the rest of the 99% isn’t 99%.

It is 99 different 1% petty, bickering, narrow minded little ‘labels’ who are so busy fighting amongst themselves that they’re completely ignoring the fact that, together, they are huge!

99 different 1% factions has no more power and considerably less wealth than that evil “1%” does. So they will NEVER win. Now, 99% WILL win!

Sadly, I’m probably a dreamer to think that the 99 1%’s will ever amount to even 2%, let alone 99%

Now then, I’m done. I’m spent. I’m finished with my ideological wishful thinking.


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